Catching Up With The Closer

It’s been three episodes since I last blogged about The Closer, and we’re really still no closer (no pun intended) to finding out about Brenda’s medical issues.

Sure, they’ve hinted around about early-onset menopause, but there still seems to be some mystery to the whole storyline.

On another note, it was nice to see Veronica Mars alum Weevil Francis Capra get a meaty guest role (a few eps back) on such a hit cable show–too bad he had to play a stereotypical gang member.

Whether dealing with gang wars, the Pacific Coast Highway Killer, or what appeared to be hit (on Brenda), Brenda and her team were a cohesive unit working toward a common goal, anticipating each other’s steps and enjoying friendly ribbing that only those who know each other very well can.

And how cute was Fritz proposing to Brenda??? HELLO! You had me at Tiffany ring, Fritzy.

Loved, loved, loved the casting of Barry Corbin as Brenda’s “Daddy.” And, of course, Frances Sternhagen (Cliff Clavin’s mom on Cheers) as Brenda’s “Momma.”

Just how is Brenda going to deal with early-onset menopause, buying a house, planning a wedding, her parents, and work? Plus the truth that finally came out about Sgt. Gabriel and Det. Daniels dating, as well as just how much Chief Pope really seems to care about Brenda? Guess we’ll have to tune in next week to find out.


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