Politics and Family Cloud The Closer

This week’s ep of The Closer found Brenda in a sticky situation, both at work and at home.

First of all, beware of men bearing whipped cream-topped hot coffee in bed, because they more than likely screwed up and are trying to redeem themselves, as was the case with Brenda’s live-in boyfriend, Fritz, who “accidentally” (in the most passive-aggressive way imaginable) answered B’s phone when it so happened her “Daddy” was calling her.

Now, B, being a good southern girl, has yet to tell her Daddy that she’s living in sin, so separate phones were installed to keep up appearances. Good in theory, bad if you’re boyfriend wants you to come clean with your parents.

At work, a case involving the body of a man who went missing toward the end of the Los Angeles riots in ’92 was uncovered, in the process revealing a whole mess of skeletons in a very prominent closet.

Besides storylines that are interesting, and sometimes even funny, what keeps me coming back to The Closer week after week is the eclectic ensemble of quirky characters that work together much like a dysfunctional family.  (Not that I’d know anything about dysfunctional families…)


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