Is The Closer Set to Disappoint?

One of my favorite shows, TNT’s The Closer, ends it’s season this week, and I’ve been holding off on posting about it for a few weeks now, because I’m afraid the season finale is going to disappoint.

The same thing happened to me back when Without A Trace first started.

I loved, loved, loved that show. I was loyal. I stuck by it.

Then they started to stray from the “formula” of their formula show, delving deeper into each character’s background/life, and to me it took away from the show.

And that’s how I’m starting to feel about The Closer.

I like Brenda, and I feel that I know enough about her already (addicted to sweets, meddling parents, affair with her boss, etc.).

But then the powers that be added Fritz, and at first I was even down with that.

Then they started hinting around that Brenda might be preggers. And that’s when my red flag was raised.

Thank goodness that instead of going the Murphy Brown route, they took it in the polar opposite direction and gave her early-onset menopause.

But now, Fritz has two DUIs? Come on. Really? Straight-laced Fritz of the FBI?

Not only do I think that’s ridiculous, but I also think it’s a cop out of huge proportions to put the brakes on their upcoming numptuals.

I don’t think getting rid of Fritz, which I now foresee happening, is such a bad thing.

I think Brenda and her team have more than enough chemistry to continue the show sans Fritz, but I do hope the powers that be handle it a little more gracefully than how they seem to have set it up in the finale.

Stay tuned…


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