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Premiere Week is Here!

The official premiere week of the fall season is here! Don’t miss the premieres of your favorite shows and the many great new shows kicking off this week.

Sunday, 9/23

Family Guy, FOX
The Simpsons, FOX
CW Now, CW
Online Nation, CW
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What’s On: Sunday 9/23



CW Now, CW, Series Premiere


Online Nation, CW, Series Premiere

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What’s On: Saturday 9/22


Kid Nation, CBS
Cops, FOX
48 Hours Mystery, CBS

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Heroes’ Hayden and Milo Getting Cozier

I hate to be the gossip (okay, we all love it), but HeroesMilo and Hayden just need to stop denying it already and admit their love. There’s plenty of buzz both for and against them as a couple – mostly because he’s 30 and she’s 18, but couples who push the age gap are in these days in Hollywood, so why not.

They may have looked cozy at the Emmys as they sat close together, but they spent a little time getting even cozier on the dance floor at the official Emmys after-party!

Watch it now: Lovers Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia BUSTED!

The “secret lovers” will return to NBC on Heroes Monday, September 24th!

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Sneak Peek of Heroes Season 2! has the scoop on Heroes Season 2 – why Heroes might be in trouble its second season, some big plot points to come, and some possible romantic developments! A spoiler alert is attached, so proceed with caution – this is not meant for the weak of heart (or those annoyed by spoilers).

‘Heroes’ Comes Out Swinging

Survivor China: A Chicken Gets His Head Cut Off

The 15th season of Survivor has begun, and as usual, there are going to be all new twists and additions to the game. But one thing that is not new this season is making the survivors leave their things behind and only take with them what they’re wearing. This may have been a shock to survivors a couple seasons ago, but this has been a trend pretty much ever since, so get a clue, castaways!

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The New Heroes!

Meet the new cast members of Heroes on’s behind the scenes video! The Heroes chat with the EW cameras during a photo shoot for Season 2:

Heroes Unite!

Zachary Quinto (Sylar) jokes around with new hero, Kristen Bell, the Petrelli brothers have switched hairstyles and reveal they haven’t yet been in the same scene in Season 2, and Ali Larter (Niki) talks about her character’s shifting role.

Heroes returns on NBC Monday, September 24th!

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