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Top Chef: Out with a bang or a whimper?

It seems as if the Top Chef producers are struggling with deciding if Hung is the kind of annoying and cocky like Marcel (Season 2) that’s totally entertaining, or if Hung’s just cocky and annoying. It seems like the judges are no longer impressed with him, but yet there were plenty of judges table moments where they discussed Marcel’s annoying foam with EVERY dish and his just plain cockiness that didn’t have enough skill behind it to validate it at all… but then he ended up in the final two.

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Top Chef Reunion: Hot and Bothered

padma_lakshmi_top_chef.jpg Top Chef took a little break from the Season 3 kitchen drama this week to have a hodgepodge reunion of various contestants from Seasons 1 and 2 as well as those voted off so far on Season 3. Overall, it was pretty much an ode to host Padma‘s hotness, some behind the scenes dirt on the contestants, a few updates about where they are now, and a couple of odd questions from viewers to stir up more drama.

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Top Chef: A Little Friendly Competition


It seemed as if when Howie and Joey settled their differences and became friends, they’d be boring, but that’s not the case! They’re now bosom buddies who can do nothing but love each other and praise each other’s food – man-love friendships are almost as good as watching a couple of guys who love food yell about it!

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Top Chef: The Meatloaf Stands Alone.

While Hung and Micah were busy insulting Americans’ food choices on this week’s Top Chef, Hung continued to be cocky though a bit less successful, and Micah’s attitude of “ugh” to American comfort foods cost her the chance of being America’s Top Chef.

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Top Chef: Who’s the Man?

Things got heated outside of the kitchen on this week’s Top Chef. With Joey and Howie both in the bottom four of the BBQ challenge, Howie’s comments in the elimination room about Joey blaming everything that went badly for him on others led to some “discussion” in the waiting room.

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Top Chef: Rattlesnakes, Urchins, and Eels, Oh My!

It looks like Bravo’s Top Chef has really stepped it up for its third season! Not only are all of the competing chefs already professionals, but Queer Eye’s Ted Allen has joined the judge’s panel, the chefs’ place is worlds better than those of the past seasons, the amazing Anthony Bourdain was the first guest judge, and the food choices were wilder than ever.


International food critic Anthony Bourdain was the perfect choice (which I’m sure was not by accident) for the first elimination challenge for which the contestants chose from unusual ingredients to create a surf and turf entree including rattlesnakes, alligators, sea urchins, eels, geoduck and more.

Each of the chefs did an impressive job, but Clay was sent home while Hung and Tre came out on top with Tre being named the winner even after his loss in the Quickfire earlier. They will certainly be ones to keep an eye on for the rest of the competition!

Look out for plenty more Top Chef: Miami on Bravo, Wednesdays at 10/9c.

Top Chef: Coming Soon!

Top Chef will be returning to Bravo on June 13th, so prepare your ovens! Or at least your tasty snacks to sit and watch the new batch of chefs cook up deliciousness that’s a little step above your microwave popcorn.

There of course has to be something a little different this season: the chefs are not mostly newbies trying to make it this time. They’re all executive chefs from restaurants in New York City. While they are more experienced chefs than those of past seasons, a little publicity and money to start up their own restaurants is apparently tempting enough for any cook to jump on reality TV (and take a little trip to Miami).

Judge Tom Colicchio assures that though these chefs are more professional, there will still be plenty of drama. He states: “‘When you have the contestants up 18 hours a day, drinking a little too much, and under so much pressure, they definitely lose their tempers here and there'” (Whitney Pastorek, Entertainment Weekly, 49). Well, that’s good to hear. What’s a Top Chef kitchen without a little extra heat?

Reference: Entertainment Weekly (“Summer TV Preview: Top Chef,” June 8, 2007)

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