Some Answers, More Questions on Prison Break

This week on Prison Break there were a few answers and some huge questions.

1. Whistler is out of hiding, cleared by “the mayor” and under Michael’s watchful eye
2. T-Bag is still a scum, and Bellick is a close second
3. Maricruz is fine and dandy, and Sucre is not going to see her
4. Alex is desperate and willing to do anything
5. Versailles is a bank, and that note was info on a bank account
6. Michael is channeling McGuyver in prison (once again)

1. Who is Susan B. Anthony, who does she work for and why is she involved? And what is the significance of that name?
2. What is in the bird guide book? Does that book actually exist (in real life)?
3. Why does evenyone want to get their hands on Whistler?
4. Is Sara alive (and still on the show)????

I now open the floor for discussion. Talk amongst yourselves…


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