Survivor China: A Chicken Gets His Head Cut Off

The 15th season of Survivor has begun, and as usual, there are going to be all new twists and additions to the game. But one thing that is not new this season is making the survivors leave their things behind and only take with them what they’re wearing. This may have been a shock to survivors a couple seasons ago, but this has been a trend pretty much ever since, so get a clue, castaways!

It shouldn’t matter if you’re meeting Jeff Probst in the middle of a city or the middle of nowhere. Jeff’s a man you shouldn’t approach unless you’re wearing a swimsuit, 4 layers of various clothing, and really great athletic shoes. And maybe with a toothbrush hidden somewhere for good measure.

Other than that, the drama over their Buddhist welcome brought out some personalities quickly. Jeff made it very clear that they were at a Buddhist temple as a welcome and an honor, but when the survivors entered the temple, a few got uncomfortable including the Christian radio host who freaked out because she felt too much like it was worshipping another god, and the New York waitress who couldn’t handle a monk correcting her hand position.

I understand the religious issues, but the waitress was just plain obnoxiously rude and not concerned about the religious aspects, just that she didn’t feel like being told how to be respectful – hm, perhaps this monk had a point.

Otherwise, the survivors enjoyed the honor and getting to experience some Chinese culture before they were shipped off into the rice patties to live, already separated into two tribes.

The survivors are most certainly an interesting bunch including a very muscular and shy gravedigger from Louisiana, a guy who goes by Chicken (who sadly was the first to be eliminated), a female pro-wrestler, a lunch lady, and a male flight attendant. There’s even a guy who’s trained in the art of knowing the best way to get over walls, under things, and whatever else. He’s sure going to be a tough competitor!

So while the Southern slow-talker, Chicken is already gone, there are certainly enough interesting “characters” left to cause plenty of drama, to absolutely love, and certainly to route for to win Survivor: China!

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