Top Chef: Battle of the Hung

tc_312_07.jpgIt’s really down to the wire on Top Chef as the final five were cut down to four. Now it’s goodbye New York, hello exotic finale spot, Aspen. While I miss a few of the endearing contestants already cut, I’ve definitely been impressed by Casey in the last few episodes.

Unfortunately, Hung has also been doing very well. At this point, my stab at the final two this season are these two of good and evil, aka Casey and Hung.

Dale is really growing on me too and I could definitely see him getting further too, but I think Hung and Casey are the ones more set up for the finals at this point. Those Top Chefers just love the drama of having the disliked annoying guy in the final two. It would be great to see Casey win, though, since she’s been doing a fantastic job, clearly has a lot of talent as well as appreciation for all this opportunity is giving her, plus a woman needs to kick some butt and get in the Top Chef winner’s circle!

As for the finale, I have to say some of the chefs’ little talk this episode about how if they go with classical dishes in the finals, Hung will kill, made me a little nervous. Hung has talent, yes, but he’s just so cocky! Being on Top Chef is enough boast for his career so he can get further as he deserves, but a win for him would really take him over the top.

So, while I’ve loved and lost already along the way of this season’s Top Chef, I’ll continue routing on and this time for Casey!

Watch Sara’s exit interview now:

Sayonara Sara (Part 1)
Sayonara Sara (Part 2)

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Photo courtesy of BravoTV


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