Real World: Gay Mardi Gras Reveals All

fb_08.jpgThis week’s episode of The Real World: Sydney did more than show off the colors of the gay pride flag at Sydney’s Gay Mardi Gras, but it showed some very true colors of the Real Worlders themselves.

Many Real World cast members, especially of more recent seasons, are at first (and often second and third) glance shallow kids who just want to drink, party, meet girls/guys, and hook up with whomever they can including housemates. But then after a while, they have some drunken conversations that make you see a little more about them – that then lead to some (gasp!) real sober conversations that show a lot more depth to these young adults.

On this week’s episode, it was time for Sydney’s Gay Mardi Gras, which is pretty much a mardi gras and a pride parade combined which equals a totally off-the-wall, hilarious, joyful, and amazing time overall. That is for those comfortable with homosexuality.

That was certainly not the case for all of the cast members. While some like Isaac, Shauvon, Parisa, and Dunbar had the time of their lives dressing up, dancing in the middle of the parade, and generally bonding over such a great time together at the Mardi Gras, the rest of the Real Worlders stayed home.

It felt as if the blondes, Trisha and Shauvon were just blending together with Shauvon only really having definitive moments of craziness here and there, Trisha really set herself apart this week. It turns out she’s actually very religious and felt like she would be truly sinning if she went to the Mardi Gras and supported gay pride. Even with Parisa’s joking comments that Muslims who saw this would probably want to stone her… funny… right?

But Trisha, KellyAnne, and Cohutta just couldn’t find it in their comfort zone to go along. It seems as if KellyAnne wasn’t that concerned about it, just a little uncomfortable, and Cohutta just plain couldn’t handle quite that much being from a small southern town. I doubt these guys are going to just turn around and change their views, which is of course okay for them to stick to their beliefs, but I’m pretty sure these issues of difference in the house are going to start making a deeper split in the house than just who went to the celebration and who didn’t.

I’m sure there’s plenty more drama to come as these cast members become real people to us – who would have thought? It’s time for some huge, dramatic fights, and then those beautiful moments of growth and change that are always so very touching on these very real reality shows. Can’t wait.

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