“Californication” Works It Out

Track Guide: “I’m Over It” – Vaughan Penn

If you ever wanted an ab work out but don’t trust those Ab Rollers, Ab Crunchers, or anything that starts with “Ab” I have a new suggestion – Watch Californication!

For 30 minutes straight (well about 15 minutes this week but there is a reason for that) you will be laughing. And as we all know, laughing strengthens ab muscles! Problem solved!

First off, David Duchovny is so sly and witty as Hank Moody that he hardly seems like he’s acting, which in itself is brilliant! The writing itself is so well timed and creative that it sparks with newness. This is starting to sound like Showtime’s previous cable baby “Weeds.” Except, usually, it lasts for half an hour- straight.

But for a different side this week, Californication decides to get dramatic and deep. You actually feel for Hank for the first time in two hours (4 x 30 minute episodes). Beccas’s talk with Mia about “the sex?” Counting mermaids to go to sleep? There was less sex and more story this week. There was less bedroom (and kitchens or pools or wherever Hank has suggested to have sex) and more about the characters themselves.

Californication gets serious for a moment – and it works. Oh, does it work. The fourth episode proved to anyone that already didn’t believe that this show can be both sexual and non-sexual, both non-serious and serious, and that David Duchovny can do something other than X-files! Well, I guess a different type of X files…

Deliciously new and wickedly cynical: Check out Californication Mondays on Showtime!

And let me know how your abs feel!

Photo Courtesy of TheAge


1 Response to ““Californication” Works It Out”

  1. 1 AmoKluzcny September 20, 2007 at 3:12 am

    I love Californication!
    I totally agree with you. Californicartion is one of the best show ver. I´ve always known that David Duchovny is sexy and smart but in this show he Fantastic.

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