The Hills: The Ketchup Cat Fight… Almost

fb_05.jpgIt turns out The Hills showdown of Lauren and Jason vs. Heidi and Spencer wasn’t that huge of a deal – just enough to keep us going. The more interesting part than Lauren rejecting the drinks Heidi sent over at the trendy Ketchup, was Heidi’s willingness to bash Lauren, though only to Spencer’s ears.

Does this girl have no shame? It sure doesn’t look like it – that is until her dear co-worker, Elodie, whom Heidi stabbed in the back last week by stealing her promotion, really set Heidi straight. She not only didn’t allow Heidi to gossip about the run-in with Lauren and Jason, but she told her quite frankly that there must be a reason none of her close friends talk to her anymore and that she doesn’t even know what’s right anymore.

And the “ouch” showed all over Heidi’s pretty little face – and continued to do so all that night and into her darling Mexican dinner with Spencer the next day. This just in: the Heidi shield can be penetrated… at least enough to make her be offended if not actually realize what she does is wrong.

But enough preaching about Heidi’s wrongs and getting at least a little of what she deserved. This week’s episode had some juicy drama and all, but next week looks far better! We’ll finally see what Heidi’s up to from those sightings of her trying on wedding dresses (more), Spencer admits he hasn’t really talked to his parents about being engaged, and Jason reveals to Lauren that he has a girlfriend – who he’s going to move in with… oh yeah, and who he’s going to marry.

Well, so much for Lauren and Jason getting back together. Too bad we already knew that from all the gossip news people stalking down info about these “stars.” Yet despite all this knowledge beforehand, I’m sure there will be plenty more juiciness to soak up on next week’s episode!

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