K-Ville Premiere Lacks Luster

kvillecast1.jpgOn the opening scene of FOX’s K-Ville, I was ready to feel the sadness all over again with the tragic scenes of the very fresh Katrina aftermath to the point of feeling a little uncomfortable about fictionalizing it.

I expected this uneasiness about K-Ville as it opened with rescue boats floating, people calling out for help without answer, and general overwhelming tragedy. But then all that just cut off.

It was almost as if the writers and producers of the show felt a little uncomfortable with how to properly show and respect the event itself and therefore gave it a little nod, then moved on.

There seems to be hope for the show, though, as Anthony Anderson does a great job with his role as a cop who loves New Orleans as his home where he grew up and refuses to give up on it. This character is perfect for the set-up of the show and for further connecting the show with the issues of New Orlean’s current state, but there did seem to be a bit of disconnect between the show being about New Orleans and the show being simple in New Orleans.

As the San Francisco Chronicle‘s Tim Goodman stated: “‘K-Ville’ has New Orleans as its backdrop – an asset the show would be wise to use more frequently, like another larger and more important character. Because right now, outside of Anderson struggling to make something from the limited ingredients he’s been given, New Orleans itself is the only interesting element” (Goodman).

The point of the show, it seemed in the previews, was to make this show dramatic, unique, and edgy as it dove into the issues of crime and rebuilding that New Orleans is currently facing. While all of this was sitting right there in the scenes and the plot, it wasn’t thoroughly embedded in heart of the show quite enough to make viewers really feel it.

I’ll have to agree with Goodman’s bit of hope though: “Here’s hoping the show gets better, if only because New Orleans is currently stuck with ‘K-Ville’ as its prime-time postcard, flaws and all, and the city is due for a break” (Goodman). New Orleans most certainly deserves it and K-Ville is really creating a chance to express a lot for New Orleans that I hope is able to more strongly come about as the series continues.


Goodman, Tim. “New Orleans deserves better than mediocre ‘K-Ville.'” San Francisco Chronicle. SFGate.com. 17 Sep 2007.

Photo courtesy of tvdramas.about.com


1 Response to “K-Ville Premiere Lacks Luster”

  1. 1 nope September 18, 2007 at 2:58 pm

    it sucked I hope it gets canceled

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