Top 5 Emmy Moments of 2007

colbert-carell-stewart-hug.jpgThe Emmys always create some classic TV moments of their own as they celebrate great TV. Ignoring the actual Emmy winning part, the top 5 best Emmy Moments of 2007 go to:

1) Steve Colbert and Jon Stewart giving the Emmy for Best Leading Actor in a Comedy Series to their buddy Steve Carell for The Office in the absence of the official winner, Ricky Gervais of Extras.

Watch it now: Colbert & Stewart Give Emmy to Carell

2) Stewie and Brian of Family Guy for their fantastic opening song and dance. Sorry, Seacrest, but there really wasn’t any hope for your hosting success after that performance.

Watch it now: Stewie and Brian’s Emmy Introduction

3) Ray Romano first of all taking the mike away from Ryan Seacrest and second, proclaiming that marriage is hard when you’re not on a TV show. It turns out marriage isn’t as fun for men when they can’t make fun of it on their own sitcom.

4) Jeremy Piven of Entourage barely cracking a smile throughout the entire show including his own Emmy win for Best Supporting Actor for a Comedy Series.

5) Katherine Heigl‘s (Grey’s Anatomy) first words of her acceptance speech being correcting the announcer’s pronunciation of her last name.

Watch it now: Heigl Corrects Pronunciation

For all the actual awards won at the Emmys: Emmy Winners!

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