Top Chef’s Bad Taste in Men!

topchef_311_29.jpgSometimes friends have to be honest and tell friends that they have bad taste in men so hopefully someday they can make better choices. So, to my friends at Top Chef: stop dumping the good guys!

There’s only so much we can take without being jaded. In the first season, Top Chef had good taste by truly saving the best for last (actually first) with Harold as the winner. But then second season, something went terribly wrong. Just like silly high school girls, the judges (and Bravo) went for the thrill of the drama in their final picks.

I mean, really. Mikey, gone. Sam, gone. Elia, gone. But who’s there? Ilan and Marcel. Ilan does have real talent and deserved his win, but I didn’t think that of him until he stepped it up near the end. Plus, Marcel was kept for the drama and so was Ilan partially as Marcel’s biggest “rival.” And, oh what a shock when they’re the final two.

But enough reminiscing. I suppose I’m a little bitter that my favorite (and extremely talented) chefs were kicked off. Mikey was never taken very seriously except for the occasional challenge, yet he was amazing all the way through, Sam absolutely should have won (though Ilan is wonderful!), and Elia, well, I could easily say she should have won too.

As for this season, Tre and CJ have been by far my favorites and both extremely talented chefs. While CJ didn’t really show off his stuff throughout the competition as much as he could have, but he did an amazing job with many challenges and just a little bad broccolini doesn’t deserve a cut! As for Tre, the judges recognized him as one of the most talented multiple times and the other chefs did as well, including Howie in his exit interview. It just seems fishy to me when all these chefs who are so very, very talented get cut while those who are good, but clearly mostly there for the drama (cough, Marcel and Hung) stick around.

Most of the finalists in this season are great and deserve it, but the fact that Tre and CJ went before them with the clear talent they presented sure shows that there is more going in to that judging than just considering the dishes and the talent.

Ah, the drama of “reality” TV… it certainly can stir us all up – so I guess maybe Bravo’s doing all right with it. While the wonderful CJ never actually made it to New York, the rest of the contestants will be hitting the Big Apple next week – then I’m guessing an even more exciting trip is in store for the finalists!

Watch CJ’s Exit Interview now:

Sending off CJ (Part 1)
Sending off CJ (Part 2)

Watch Top Chef now on SideReel.

Photo courtesy of BravoTV


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