The Hills: Heidi Claims Lauren’s No Saint

heidi_montag2_180.jpgWith The Hills cover wars (more) on for October, I’m a little curious not only who will win this round between Lauren and Heidi, but even more so, what’s behind those covers? wanted to know too – and well, no real shocker, but Heidi’s up to no good saying that Lauren’s actually the one up to no good.

It looks like Heidi nicely played it up for her magazine interview with CosmoGirl that not everything on The Hills is portrayed quite correctly. (No! The Hills is real all the way, I won’t believe otherwise!)

Supposedly, Lauren went much farther with the Spencer issue than us viewers saw for ourselves which included Lauren calling Heidi’s mom to tell her what a bad guy Spencer is (Boehm). True or not true, I don’t remember it being exactly nice to steal a friend’s job, spread nasty rumors about other friends, and date someone insanely annoying. Anyway, I guess there’s plenty to come when Heidi’s CosmoGirl and Lauren’s Seventeen hit the stands for October!

Check out Heidi’s story on

Heidi Montag: Lauren Is Not Such a Good Girl

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