Real World: Bed-hopping with the best of ’em

fb_01.jpgWhile MTV’s Newport Harbor may be too tame for MTV (more), Real World: Sydney is trying to step it up to years past of insane drama, and of course, roommates “accidently” getting in bed together.

While it looked like the first people ready to jump in bed would be Isaac and Shauvon, they’ve really cooled it off physically (except for a possible fist fight). Now KellyAnne’s sweet little crush on Cohutta has escalated from back scratching and a little kiss to full on action.

How much action has yet to be revealed, but I’m pretty sure KellyAnne did plenty of revealing to Cohutta right at the end of this week’s episode, so we can only hope they both are kind enough to reveal their revealing to us in the confession room next episode. I thought KellyAnne was all worried about her guy at home, but it looks like her crush has overwhelmed those concerns.

And, well, I can’t blame her. Cohutta is far too adorable, so I’ll be rooting for Ke-hutta (let’s hope they don’t become a real celebrity couple so we have to call them that)!

Watch this episode now on SideReel!

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