Newport Harbor is Promtastic

Before I get to this week’s Newport Harbor: The Real O.C. on MTV, I have to get on my soap box.

I grew up in Sacramento, Calif., albeit not the most glamorous city, but the capitol of California nonetheless.

I went to a school attended by mostly upper-middle-class kids (something little old lower-class me had a hard time assimiliating with).

I went to my Junior and Senior proms, the former with a guy from a different school, and the latter with a guy who graduated the year before me and who looked dead on like this (it was the late 80s, people, so give me a break!).

And although I did the asking both times, among all the girls I knew, not one was ever asked to prom in any sort of extravagent way other than this:

Him: Want to go to prom?
Her: Sure!

Why is it that kids today (at least on Newport Harbor and Laguna Beach) have to turn dance-asking into an event in itself?

That being said, how loaded were the guys at the after party? Clay could barely keep his eyes open, and his sloppy kisses were a dead-drunk giveaway.

In the immortal words of Monica Gellar, I think he even whispered to Chrissy, “I’m gonna puke on you later!” Hence her quick change into casual clothes at the party.

At least Chrissy didn’t have to worry about Clay trying to take advantage of her, because he looked like he couldn’t even unzip his fly without some serious assistance, let alone tackle bra hooks and whatnot.

As for the Chase-Allie-Taylor love triangle, what can I say except YAWN. Seriously, girls? Fighting over that pipsqueak? Really? You’re joking, right?

Ahhh youth.

I do have to give Chrissy’s dad props for not lo-jacking her on prom night, and refraining from his stalker-esque cell phone calls throughout the night.

Or maybe MTV just edited those out this time…


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