Jon Stewart to Host The Oscars

jon_stewart.jpgThe Oscars are bringing Jon Stewart on board to host the Oscars! Stewart, famous for his humorous and edgy news show, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, toned down from his usual level of political humor when he hosted in 2006, but that doesn’t mean he completely avoided it.

He went right ahead as he took the podium: “…for his opening gambit, he lampooned Hollywood’s ‘liberal elite’ rather than wedge titles of nominated films into a Billy Crystal-esque song-and-dance number—and viewers can no doubt look forward to more of the same for February’s ceremony, falling as it does during a presidential election year” (Serpe).

So what’s left to desire from this hilarious host? Why, ratings of course! It can’t be all fun and games like making fun of celebrities and political figures.

Stewart’s first time around brought in 38.9 million viewers while in 2005 Chris Rock’s time brought in 42.1 million, and earlier this year, Ellen DeGeneres’ hosting was at 39.9 million viewers (Serpe). So, perhaps it has something to do with what else is going on in the award show that viewers want to see, but the host is certainly a big focus for the draw. So, go for the big time, Stewart!


Serpe, Gina. “Jon Stewart’s Oscar Rewind.” E! News Online. 12 Sep 2007.

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