The Hills: The Ex Factor

71099246.jpgOh, the anticipated return of Jason to The Hills! Somehow this was very dampened by the knowledge that Jason recently proposed to his 19-year-old girlfriend.

The fact that these reality TV personalities are real people kind of ruins things for the storyline of the show as it’s going on. Darn reality TV. Who knew it would ever disappoint.

But, though the mystery of what could become of Lauren and Jason on this season was ruined, their first meeting was still interesting enough. It’s always weird when exes meet up for the first time after a break up, and weird it was. Lauren and Jason had a meeting over coffee pretty much resulting in them talking about how they hadn’t been talking, which I guess was better than them just talking about the weather.

Next episode, though, the drama is on as Spencer and Heidi run into Lauren and Jason together out at dinner. (I’m sure it’s a total accidental run-in – again, thanks to the reality of reality TV.) While it looks like not much will actually happen between Lauren and Jason, this meeting sure brings out the truth about Heidi.

The preview of Spencer making an obnoxious comment to the Lauren and Jason is no surprise, but I have to say I was a little bit surprised to see Heidi making comments when she and Spencer are at their table. Sure enough, Heidi doesn’t have a problem with bashing Lauren behind her back… or across the restaurant. Between Heidi totally stealing her co-worker’s much deserved job and her coming right out with nasty comments about Lauren, it looks like the “maybe-Heidi’s-still-alright” ship has sailed!

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