Jennifer Hudson’s Up for some Sex and the City

hudsonjennifer.jpgWhile the leading men of Sex and the City have yet to all proclaim their appearances for the upcoming film, another lady is thrilled to join the fearsome foursome on the big screen – Dreamgirls‘ Jennifer Hudson!

Hudson will be joining the cast of Sex and the City: The Movie as Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant (Serpe). Yes, that’s right. Our lovable, successful columnist turned book author suddenly (okay, four years after the end of the series) needs an assistant! What exactly could she be doing where she could possibly need an assistant? Well, we’re certainly not meant to know until the movie itself reveals it.

According to E! News, the details of the script, and well, everything besides some of the cast, are being kept well under wraps. But this we do know – the film takes place four years after the series ended, which when the film comes out in 2008, is accurate to the series’ end in 2004 (Serpe). Otherwise, the four main ladies are on board, as well as Chris Noth, and Jennifer Hudson.

The film release date is not yet set, but the Sex and the City crew will indeed be on the set next week in New York (Serpe). Keep your ears and eyes tuned for some leaked gossip (and news of course) sure to come our way as filming begins!


Serpe, Gina. “Sex and the City Bags a Dreamgirl.” E! News Online. 11 Sep 2007.

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