Real World Sydney: Relationship Overload

fb_02a.jpgIs the only thing Real World cast members get out of the experience is learning how to screw up their at-home relationships? There are too many Real Worlders to name who’ve decided that the experience of being on the show is worth leaving their significant other for 4 months which means either a break-up or a long distance relationship.

Of course everyone should take time to do interesting and different things for themselves, to travel, meet new people… all that great stuff. So it’s great they choose to do this, but what’s not great is that we spend entire episodes watching them obsess (and I mean really obsess) over how they’re destroying their relationship they left, they’ve cheated because of people they met on the show, etc., etc.

So while all this is absolutely a huge part of the drama we all know and totally love, this past episode of The Real World: Sydney was entirely about the three girls (KellyAnne, Shauvon, and Trisha) and their relationships left behind. Entirely. Which I have to say was good and juicy and all, but mostly because I wanted KellyAnne just to hook up with Cohutta already, and for Shauvon (okay, I can’t actually tell the blondes apart yet, but I think it’s her) to heal and be over her ex who made her choose between a marriage and a career.

I don’t often sympathize with the guys on Real World when they’re mean to the girls, but with Shauvon’s complete freak-out towards Isaac, I believe it’s time for the emotional healing to begin not just for her, but for the safety of her male roomies!

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