Newport Harbor: Too Tame for MTV?

I have come to the conclusion that Newport Harbor: The Real O.C. is very boring.

Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing.

After all, I just watched Normal Adolescent Behavior on Lifetime Television this week, and damn if that movie did not make me want to go back to high school and do it right this time (no pun intended). All I did was study in high school, and apparently I missed out on A LOT.

Anyway, back to Newport Harbor. This week, Chrissy and Clay made up and flirted, went on a cute date together and kissed–finally! And no phone calls from her dad to ruin it, either.

The kiss was pretty chaste, but what do you expect from these two kids, both of whom are painfully shy and virginal.

I only hope that Clay asks Chrissy to Prom, because maybe, just maybe he will get to second base with her, which would probably be good for both of them, as Chrissy is supposedly a senior and thus graduating soon. Every girl needs at least one good grope before moving on to college.

I have to give props to MTV’s editing crew, as they must have had hours upon hours of boring nothing to work with in order to paste together 20-plus minutes of ho-hum action every week for this season.

But again, I don’t mind.

It’s nice not to have so much drama, villians, cat fights and what not. For a while there (on Laguna Beach) I felt like I was watching Melrose Place or something!


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