Top Chef: The man, the bulldog, the legend.

tc_310_23.jpgTop Chef always has plenty of surprises in store for us – and the surprise last night? To do the predictable: get rid of Howie when he asked to be sent home. Surprisingly, surprising.

I really thought that Howie was going to be out of the running to be cut because he said he wanted to go for the sake of saving Brian and because he wasn’t proud of his work. Apparently the judges were just trying to keep us guessing as usual.

Now the remaining chefs will be heading off somewhere amazing and exotic… hang on… didn’t only the final three get to go somewhere last season? The plushiness of chef treatment has certainly gone way up this season with their very nice accommodations, their big prizes, and now a trip for the final six!

As for Howie, I can’t say I enjoyed him all the time, but that bulldog spirit of determination makes him a little endearing… to those who don’t have to work with him anyway. I’m glad he went out on a high note of finally working well with the team, not making anyone cry, and a little bit as a sacrifice for a friend. Considering the disappointment of the judges with most dishes in the elimination challenge, though, the final six are really going to have to make some magic happen to wow the judges into keeping them around! Go, C.J., go!

Watch Howie’s Bravo exit interview now:

Is It Sour Grapes for Howie?
Howie’s Exit

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Photo courtesy of BravoTV


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