So, Docs, what do we have to look forward to?

Track guide: Low Millions -“Here She Comes”; Kelis -“Trick Me”; The Wallflowers- “One Headlight”; & Grace Potter and the Nocturnals -“Stop the Bus”

Season 4 Cast of Grey's Anatomy

There are some things that are beautiful when they’re grey: the sky (especially with a warm drink), cats (cute!), and turtleneck sweaters (mmmm cashmere). And of course, there are others we think are bad being grey (hair, for example). Unfortunately, the future for Grey’s Anatomy is…well…grey.

After last season’s poor excuse for a season finale, in which the characters did all the things we expected them to do, it’s hard to see what avid fans have to wait for on September 27th when Grey’s once again hits the air on ABC. Isaiah Washington aka Preston Burke, Christina’s “ditcher at the altar” boyfriend, is gone from the show. Kate Walsh and her smart mouthed character Addison moved to the sun. And Callie got chief resident, upstaging the clear fan favorite (and probably the hospital’s favorite and definitely Izzie’s favorite) Dr. Bailey.

It seems that ABC doesn’t pay attention to their fan base anymore. Did anyone watch and/or follow the spin-off pilot? No – in fact it was poorly reviewed and many people noted how out of place it felt. But rather than keep Addison on for some spice, the spin-off was granted. Now what are we supposed to do for some flavor?

Oh, I know: Add more Grey! That’s right – Meredith’s half-sister is joining the cast as (guess what) a doctor! Hmm…I guess when you get rid of one Grey (Ellis, Meredith’s mother) you just replace it with another.

It is, however, comforting to know that whatever happens plot-wise, we can rely on Alexandra Patsavas for some great tunes. Patsavas is the music supervisor for the series. Grey’s is, even more so than a sight for the eyes, a treat for the ears. Although there’s been some jostling with the cast, expect the same amount of great songs to grace the show (ha – get it? Grace? Like Seattle Grace??….ok…)

So I guess if you are having a really hard time with Grey’s this season, just close your eyes. That oughta do the trick.

Season 4 Cast Photo courtesy of Grey’s Anatomy Insider


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