Marlo Thomas Joins Ugly Betty

10m.jpgIt looks like the ever-so-old Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) will be out done with dating age gaps when Marlo Thomas gets on board the Ugly Betty ship and points her sails right at Daniel Meade (Veitch). Of course, Marlo’s still got it, so maybe Daniel will be swayed from his young (sometimes illegally so) models.

Marlo Thomas has shown up all over the place from her classic role on That Girl to more recent appearances on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Friends as Rachel’s mother (IMDb). Considering Daniel’s guest star romances of the past including Salma Hayek and Lucy Liu, this should certainly be an interesting turn of events for his character. Perhaps that car “accident” he and Alexa got into in Ugly Betty’s finale will lead to him reevaluating his life and he’ll be up for some more mature romance!

Ugly Betty’s 2nd season premieres on ABC Thursday, September 27th!


Veitch, Kristin. “Casting Scoop: Betty Gets ‘That Girl’; Earl Gets ‘Coach.'” E! News Online. 4 Sept 2007.

Source and photo courtesy of “Marlo Thomas.” IMDb.


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