The Hills: It’s Break-up Season!

spencerbrody.jpgI thought the Lauren-Heidi break-up was tough on The Hills, but nothing can compare to the huge, fascinating drama of the Spencer-Brody break-up. Oh, wait. I mean the one phone call where Spencer was a baby and proceeded to hang up. Oh, boy drama.

Though the drama hasn’t gotten all that intense between former bff’s Brody and Spencer, I doubt Brody has really moved on so quickly to his new “boyfriend.” I’m not a really Brody fan as he’s shown himself to be plenty willing to throw himself in the media spotlight, but he’s definitely being more mature about this than Spencer! Though really, I doubt any fans of The Hills are surprised by Spencer being immature. It’s fun to still have “enemies” your friends aren’t allowed to talk to when you’re 23-years-old and engaged, right?

Now, Lauren and Heidi have only briefly had it out yelling at each other at a club, so I can’t imagine how things will go when Brody and Spencer run into each other. Maybe that’s when we’ll discover Spencer really is the devil himself as his eyes shoot fire and Brody’s glorious fro goes into flames! Now that’s a club worth the cover charge.

With Miss Heidi out wedding dress shopping this past week with no friends in sight (more), I’m wondering just who she and Spencer are expecting to invite to their wedding anyway… so much for a best man at least for now!

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1 Response to “The Hills: It’s Break-up Season!”

  1. 1 Brie September 5, 2007 at 5:16 pm

    Oh man… Spencer just gets worse and worse. I agree, I’m not a fan of Brody at all, but I’d sleep with him 100 decades sooner than I would even debate hugging Spencer. I get it – he doesn’t want Brody “rolling with the enemy”, but he needs to just deal with it. I can’t wait until Spencer and Heidi have absolutely no friends left. Their wedding is sure to be a hilarious culmination of how lonely and pathetic their lives have truly become now that they have exiled all those close to them based on junior high rationalizing. I don’t know when Heidi and Spencer are going to open their eyes and realize that their losing their youthful party/fun lives and their loved ones in a quest to just prove that they are “right”. I do believe they are in love with each other, but I believe even more so that their relationship is withstanding just to prove everyone wrong.

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