The Hills’ Heidi Montag Wedding Dress Shopping!

heididress.jpgApparently there’s something about the phrase, “oh I’m not even thinking about that yet,” that The Hills‘ Heidi doesn’t quite get.

Since uttering those words with a pretty freaked out face to her coworker after she and her oh-so-lovable boyfriend, Spencer, and she got engaged, Heidi has apparently adjusted to the idea of marriage.

Heidi was spotted this past Friday (8/31) out happily shopping for wedding dresses at Beverly Hills’ L’Ezu Atelier Bridal Boutique (

While her ring didn’t look like much of a real engagement ring, she’s looking for the real thing when it comes to a dress! Or at least she was looking for some press by bringing not dearest girlfriends along, but her dear paparazzi friends instead ( It’s amazing how reality TV “stars” are treated.

Whether this is with very serious intent or not, we don’t know, but I know we’re all excited for some eye-rolling, groaning, and delicious gossiping as this situation unfolds on The Hills.

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“Heidi’s Shopping for a Wedding Dress!” 1 Sept 2007.

Photo courtesy of TV Cocktail


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