2 More Join 24

10m2.jpg24 has added another 2 new cast members to their already growing numbers. Jeffrey Nordling (left), most recently seen on Dirt, and John Billingsley, most recently on The Nine and Prison Break, will join the other new cast members including Janeane Garofalo (more), Cherry Jones, and Rhys Coiro (more).

johnbilligs.jpgJeffrey Nordling will hold a regular role on 24 as Larry, an FBI agent while he also continues his role on FX’s Dirt (Hall). So far all that has been said about John Billingsley (right) and his upcoming role is that he will be playing the recurring role of “Latham” (Mitovich).

Looks like there may be a little more female power on the 7th season of 24 with Cherry Jones as the first female President, but there certainly won’t be a lack of strong new males on the cast.

Season 7 will take place mostly in Washington D.C., which I suppose makes sense with a new regular cast member playing the President (Mitovich). Production for the season is scheduled to begin September 10 with a the premiere date not yet pinned down beyond being January 2008.


Hall, Sarah. “24 Makes Time for Two More.” E! News Online. 31 Aug 2007.

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Jeffrey Nordling photo courtesy of IMDB

John Billingsley photo courtesy of tvdramas.about.com


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