Who’s Playing Who on Newport Harbor?

I’m just going to throw this out there because I feel it needs to be said. I think Clay is a virgin. And Chrissy is destined to be a virgin forever at the rate she’s going. But I digress…

Here’s the gist of this week’s Newport Harbor ep, for those keeping score:

Chase and Taylor decided to “take a break”–he brought it up, and smart girl that she is, she said ok and decided to play the field as well.

Grant, while talking to Clay, described his perfect girl as–a carbon copy of Taylor.

Chase and Chrissy started “hanging out” together.

Clay told his friend Austin that Chrissy’s dad is a killjoy.

Grant and Taylor went on a date–he asked. (Grant still looks like Spencer on The Hills.)

Chase called Taylor while she was on her date with Grant–she DID NOT answer her phone (note to Chrissy).

Chase went to Chrissy’s for more hanging out, and while he was there Clay called Chrissy’s cell phone, which she did not answer (finally!).

Grant broke the news to Clay that Chrissy and Chase were hanging out, and he looked crushed.

Chrissy bumped into Taylor and came clean about Chase, making sure that they were indeed broken up.

Chase blamed Taylor for his going to Chrissy’s house.

Allie decided it’s time to go for Clay.

Between all the hookups and love triangles, my head is spinning. But, of course, I’m along for the guilty-pleasured ride.


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