The Hills: Stop the Madness!

moving-on.gifEverybody stop the madness… I know we all LOVE the drama on The Hills, but it’s getting out of control. It’s time for an intervention. Heidi is very obvious in her “I couldn’t care less” attitude about Lauren that she does actually care very much. She’s hurt by losing Lauren, but she’s just being too proud and immature to just apologize and be friends already. And as for Lauren, she’s not hiding her hurt about Heidi with her tears over it at Brody’s party.

And, by the way, the fans joining in aren’t helping by creating Team Lauren and Team Heidi. The t-shirts aren’t helping either, but I can’t help but find commentary on all this hilarious (check out E! Online’s The Hum).

Okay, what fun would it be really if the Lauren and Heidi drama stopped? It’d be a little disappointing if they were suddenly chummy again, but it’s not like there wasn’t enough other drama on Seasons 1 and 2. And even if they made up, it certainly wouldn’t be back to bff’s right away, so there would be plenty of drama to hang onto.

Anyway, enough plugging for an intervention to rejoin the rivals that have been the talk of all MTV watchers everywhere. This season of The Hills has kicked off with a big bang and is just getting better. Besides the Lauren vs. Heidi conflict, it’s totally fascinating to watch Spencer get more and more insane, to see Audrina’s relationship roller coaster, and of course to just watch Lauren be awesome all the time.

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1 Response to “The Hills: Stop the Madness!”

  1. 1 songsaboutbuildingsandfood August 30, 2007 at 6:57 am

    i totally agree that the show would be better if lauren and heidi worked it out, or if they at least attempted to. they’re very good on camera together, whether they’re the best of friends or not, and the drama becomes so much more palpable when they’re actually in the same room (like in the first episode this season at the club).

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