Dawson’s Back – And More Fashionable than Ever

james-van-der-beek.jpgCome on out, closeted (or proud) Dawson’s Creek fans! If you’ve forgiven James Van Der Beek for becoming a jerk after his fame as a Dawson’s Creek star, you’ll be thrilled to hear he’ll be appearing on none other than Ugly Betty this season! Ugly Betty is practically the new Friends with all its celebrity guest stars.

With stars like Salma Hayek (who’s also returning this season), and Entourage’s Rhys Coiro (soon to be on 24) (more) among those who’ve already appeared, it’s interesting to see a star show up who hasn’t exactly been in the lime light recently. Maybe he’s seeking out a new image as he appears on ABC’s hit show as “the owner of a fashion house” (PerezHilton.com). Interesting. Maybe Katie Holmes will make an appearance as Betty’s evil high school rival next – though the famous Mrs. Cruise may feel she has better things to do (though I can’t imagine what).

Van Der Beek will be joined by not only Salma Hayek, but also Gina Gershon, and Victoria Beckham (PerezHilton.com). If Mrs. Beckham and these other lovely ladies are on, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more stars grace the shiny offices of MODE magazine! Look out for Betty to return with her new celebrity entourage on September 27th on ABC!

Source: “Dawson’s Coming Back To TV!” PerezHilton.com. 28 Aug 2007.

Photo courtesy of guiadeseriados.com


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