Big Love Finale: One Big Happy Family

ep_24_08.jpgAs expected for a season finale, everything on Big Love‘s finale was falling to pieces. But then, oddly enough, everything came together in the end. So much for a cliffhanger. I’m totally satisfied with everyone being, well, satisfied, but I wasn’t left with the usual finale need to see more right now!

The Henricksons had a very rocky time this season with inside and outside influences on their family. It was questionable if Barb would be able to stick around with her growing discomfort with public polygamy, but she had a moment of strength in the finale in which she announced to their neighbor and friend of Margie‘s that they were one big, polygamist family. She freed herself from her fear of being revealed to their friends and neighbors which led to Bill and her happily reassuring each other of their love, commitment, and importance to each other.

The wives all suddenly got along swimmingly in the final scene of the Pioneer Day celebration, all at the same time Roman was sent back to the compound by Bill to take over again… but then was put to a dead halt by his dear son who got him arrested. So, though this leaves plenty of open questions about if Alby will really be able to take over Roman’s position, it makes it pretty clear it’s going to be very difficult and maybe impossible for Roman to hold the position of the prophet again.

As for the Henrickson kids, they’ve come to peace with their polygamist lives… by either rejecting it and jumping right into sleeping with a significant other, or by embracing it for a future life. Perhaps we’ll get even more focus on the kids as they grow up and become adults making even more waves in their family.

A 3rd season of Big Love is already in the works with writing already going on this August and filming planned to start in November (Fleming & Zeitchik). It looks like this HBO show will be hanging on a while longer!

Fleming, Michael and Steve Zeitchik. “HBO Stays in ‘Love.’ 23 Jul 2007.

Photo courtesy of HBO


1 Response to “Big Love Finale: One Big Happy Family”

  1. 1 realbiglovefan101 August 28, 2007 at 5:30 pm

    I’m ok with the ending but I don’t think that a fourth wife would be a good idea because Barb is having a hard time now taking control of things. Ana would be too much for her to deal with she would probly try and take over and take charge because she has a strong personality. The writers have enough people in the show that they can use, what about using Bill’s partner family more and not wirte in another wife for Bill he has enough to deal with.

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