This Week on Talking Television: Classic British Shows of the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies

Some of the longest-running shows in TV history are programs that not only ran for just one or two seasons, but were made that way by design: shows like Secret Agent, The Prisoner, The Persuaders, Thunderbirds and many other series produced for British television by Sir Lew Grade and ITC. Though made in the U.K., these shows were marketed throughout the world, including the United States, where they remain wildly popular on cable, tape and DVD. We’ll talk about these shows and more this week on Talking Television, when our guest will be Robert Sellers, author of Cult TV: The Golden Age of ITC, an informative yet fun history of British television from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. Join Frankie Montiforte and me this Tuesday, August 28, beginning at 10:30 pm ET, 7:30 pm PT on Share-a-Vision Radio,

Ed Robertson


2 Responses to “This Week on Talking Television: Classic British Shows of the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies”

  1. 1 Daria August 26, 2007 at 9:05 pm

    Just an FYI: “Thunderbirds” (no “The”) was never meant to be a one season series. ITC made a disaster of selling it to America by trying to play CBS, ABC and NBC off against each other in a bidding war. Once CBS decided that they didn’t want to sink as much money as was being asked into a one-hour family series, the other two networks got cold feet and pulled out of the bidding as well. Hence, the series came to a sudden halt six episodes into the second season. (All episodes from “Atlantic Inferno” to “Give Or Take A Million” are from the second season). Sir Grade later stated that the series could have lasted for years had ITC secured the backing of one of the US networks. Those of us who were fans of the series during its intial run in America are still ardent fans today and are looking forward to a possible new series of “Thunderbirds” as we near its 50th anniversary.

  2. 2 edsweb August 26, 2007 at 10:28 pm

    Appreciate your comments. I believe our guest makes the very same point about Thunderbirds in his book, as well as during the interview, which we will play on Tuesday’s program. I hope you’ll tune in.

    Thanks for writing, and best,

    Ed Robertson

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