Anchorwoman Sinks

jam_anchorwoman2561.jpgAnchorwoman certainly made a splash last week on Fox… and then sank immediately. After bad ratings for the August 22 premiere, Fox has canceled the show. So much for second chances.

With the show’s failure, though, Fox must’ve felt there was no chance for improvement. Looks like Lauren Jones’ attempts for a more serious career is going to have to change direction.

“Anchorwoman finished last among the Big Four nets in the 8 p.m. slot, behind CBS’ Drew Carey-hosted Power of 10 (8.7 million viewers), the NBC clip show Most Outrageous Moments (6.4 million) and a double shot of According to Jim reruns on ABC (4.7 million)” (Grossberg).

In case you’re among the “miniscule 2.7 million viewers” who watched Anchorwoman’s premiere and you want more, the six episodes that were already filmed won’t be shown on Fox, but will be shown on and As for the empty slots Anchorwoman’s failure is leaving on the Fox schedule, Til Death reruns will fill the spot (Grossberg).

Source: Grossberg, Josh. “Anchorwoman Away at Fox.” E! News Online. 24 Aug 2007.

Photo courtesy of Jam! Showbiz


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