Top Chefs Served Madonna Surprise!

tc_309_10.jpgSurprise! That jerk you served was Madonna’s brother! And surprised the chefs were on Top Chef last night. Dale was especially not pleased to hear the guy who’d been giving him grief wasn’t just an ordinary customer. This realization of hidden VIPs led Dale and his team to come up with their motto of treating every customer during the Restaurant Wars challenge like a VIP. This was definitely a wise choice since it all led to their win of the challenge with a little help from their prize from winner the quick fire, season 1’s Stephen.

Unfortunately, the results of team April’s loss was heartbreaking to Tre fans and viewers who actually care about who can cook on the show. Many of the contestants left are great chefs, but Tre most definitely stood out as a chef with both natural and well-trained skills.

While the last two seasons have had talented winners, Bravo’s disclaimer shown at the end of every episode that not all choices of those eliminated are entirely based on the judges’ opinions has proved quite true. There’s no way some of the contestants eliminated early-on in all the seasons truly deserved to be kicked off over the other people. It’s one thing when it’s a team competition and they’re at the bottom of a very good group, but I wouldn’t say that was the case for Tre.

His team was talented, but he was not at the bottom of that totum pole of his group with Casey, C.J., and Brian, all of whom looked very expectant of getting eliminated. I won’t abandon Top Chef, but since Marcel beat out Sam and Elia in Season 2, I’ve been jaded about why chefs really stay on the show. I’m pretty sure it’s not always based on ability considering the final two were rivals Marcel and Ilan. Nice set up.

Now for this season I’m thrown off about who might win. I’m pulling for C.J. on personality and good skill, but we’ll see how things continue on!

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