There’s Something About “Daddy” on Newport Harbor

Seriously, what is it with these girls and their weirdly-overprotective “daddies” on MTV shows?

First it was Jessica Simpson, who has a very “close” relationship with her dad, and now it’s Chrissy on Newport Harbor: The Real O.C.

Did it skeeve anyone else out when Chrissy’s dad asked her if she’s kissed Clay yet? Yeah, dad, that’s what moms are for. What’s next, a tampon demonstration?

How sad is it that today’s youth doesn’t even know that the “Pretty in Pink” party they’re throwing is a nod to one of my favorite 80s films? What is the world coming to?

Here are this week’s questions I’m left with:

1. Is Chrissy really niave and innocent, or the world’s biggest daddy’s girl and a huge tease?
2. How can anyone think “funner” is a real word?
3. What’s up with all the ‘rents in these shows living vicariously through their kids–isn’t that what The Real Housewives of Orange County is about?
4. Why do I get the feeling that the kids on Newport Harbor and the kids watching the show could probably not identify two of the songs used in this week’s ep: “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure, and “Pretty In Pink” by The Psychedelic Furs?
5. Isn’t use of the word “dunzo” a faux pas, since it originated on Laguna Beach?
6. When is Chrissy going to stop answering her cell phone when “Daddy” is on the other end of the call?


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