Californication Brings New Meaning to “Lap Dance”

Can I just say that Hank is a mess? He’s scragly, dirty and pathetic. I really do not see the attraction any of his conquests have for him. His one-night-stand credo is “a morning of awkwardness is better than a night of loneliness.” And oh, does he get the ladies.

There’s jail-bait Mia from last week’s Californication. This week, it’s a porn star who thinks she needs vaginal rejuvenation; and Paula Marshall (who I loved on Spin City, Cupid, Sports Night and Veronica Mars) as a pot-smoking woman whose husband just left her for another man.

So why is Hank still pining after the wooden Karen, who, even when she leads him on, does so in such a way that she seems like a robot?

The best part this week was during dinner, when Hank had two sets of hands grabbing his crotch–not since The Wedding Crashers has there been such a funny “lap dance.”

Now that Hank knows that Bill owns Hell-A, I wonder what destructive move he’ll make next.


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