Big Love: And We All Fall Down

ep_23_04.jpg For Big Love this week, it was a wedding and no funerals… for now. It looks as if Alby isn’t poisoning Roman, but giving him drugs to keep him asleep. But, as he told Nicki, Roman doesn’t have much longer. And her husband was involved in Roman getting shot. That’s a little strain on the marriage. Showing up to make a three-wife scene at Barb‘s mother’s wedding didn’t exactly reduce the strain either.

It’s fascinating to get to see more expanded views of the Henrickson’s polygamist life with situations like that with Barb and her mother. As we’ve known, Barb’s mom won’t even speak to Barb over her decision to extend her family with extra wives, but not until Barb’s mother was getting herself a new marriage did we go into the issue.

Of course Barb’s mother wouldn’t pay any attention to her until it involved the children thinking about choosing polygamy, but that certainly didn’t smooth things over. Barb decided to be strong when her mom told her as she arrived at the wedding that the children were invited in, but she wasn’t, and she went defiantly in anyway.

Then all hell broke loose, to say the least. And not only among Barb’s family at the wedding. Ben called in the forces by telling Bill that Barb had “kidnapped” him and his sisters and was making them stay with grandma. So then Bill showed up with Margie in tow and soon after, Nicki showed up with her kids in tow.

Again, we were reminded (as Bill was getting yelled at by all three wives outside the wedding) that having three wives isn’t all wedded bliss. Next episode should be interesting considering none of the three wives will be speaking to Bill. It’s either time for them to join forces to get their family on whatever track they want, or time to totally fall apart.

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2 Responses to “Big Love: And We All Fall Down”

  1. 1 Shmilda August 21, 2007 at 1:42 pm

    Alby is definitely killing Roman. Taking him out of the hospital and putting him on morphine is not benevolence. Morphine doesn’t kill outright, but it slows down the nerves and the muscles. In hospital pain management cases, it is given in ever increasing doses until the patient dies, which is the expected outcome. Alby’s wife, as a registered nurse, must know that.

  2. 2 Kendra August 21, 2007 at 2:57 pm

    Good point about the morphine. I was confused as to if they were taking a slower path, but looks like they’re going for it. What a great “prophet” Alby will make!

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