24 Picks Up Another Lady

garofalo.jpgComedian, actress, and activist Janeane Garofalo is on board for the upcoming seventh season of 24. Perhaps a cast addition from left field, but considering her recurring role on West Wing’s last season, maybe she’s found TV dramas to be a better fit than quirky romantic comedies. As for 24, “per the Hollywood Reporter, Garofalo will play a government agent investigating the latest crisis befalling Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) & Co” (Hall).

Garofalo will certainly be in good female company on the show as another new cast member, Tony Award winner Cherry Jones, will be joining the cast as 24’s “inaugural female President” (Serpe). These powerful female additions to the cast should certainly add to the intense drama this season though 24 fans will have to wait with baited breath until mid-season for the seventh season to begin. With production pushed back twice already, the current date production is planned to start is September 10th (Hall). So keep hanging on 24 fans, Jack will return to you… with a couple of powerful ladies who I’m sure will spice things up hour by hour!


Hall, Sarah. “24 Takes Left Turn with Garofalo.” E! News Online. 21 Aug 2007.

Serpe, Gina. “24 Gets in Touch with Feminine Side.” E! News Online. 23 Jul 2007.

Photo courtesy of TV.com


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