Real World: Annoying Americans Invade Sydney

main_281x211.jpg I thought Season 19 of The Real World was looking up when the cast including a very southern boy and a Muslim girl began to be introduced. But it looks like bringing in some people who don’t look and act like models and adding diversity to the group will only add to the same old catty drama instead of creating a bit more depth like they had in the old days when The Real World first started out.

I can’t deny the drama gets us all to watch, but it’d be nice if the drama was over something a little more interesting than which girl was the annoying drunk last night at the bar. I was clearly fooled when KellyAnne was introduced and she spoke of herself as a girl who grew up poor and who could really appreciate an opportunity like getting to live in Sydney. It turns out she plans to be the annoying drunk girl… or maybe that was just for the first episode. KellyAnne and her immediate rival in the house, Parisa, made up tearfully already, so maybe as the previews show, the blonds will be causing most of the major cat fights, though still against Parisa.

I can’t help but look forward to the bonds and hook-ups of this season, but I’m hoping all the drama doesn’t continue to revolve around drunkenness, Dunbar’s lack of singleness, and the fact that Parisa can’t stand shallow girls without brains. Maybe she’ll get to know these girls better and see they have more depth… or maybe she’ll just continue her jealousy towards those who hit on Dunbar. Either way, I know Real World fans will be glued to MTV this season!

Photo courtesy of MTV


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