New Location, Same Drama on MTV’s Newport Harbor: The Real O.C.

Newport Harbor hottiesThe venue may have changed this season on MTV’s Laguna Beach Newport Harbor: The Real O.C., but the players are mostly still the same.

There’s sheltered Chrissy, who’s always on the phone with “daddy”; brunette player Clay (a dead ringer for Jerry O’Connell, right?), who has his eye on both Chrissy and Allie; flirt (and maybe more) Allie, who has her eye on every guy with a pulse; Grant, who looks just like Spencer over on The Hills; on-again, off-again couple Chase and Taylor; and Sasha, Chrissy’s BFF.

Apparently, there is a requirement that you have to be blond, fake or otherwise, if you’re on this show. Sure, there’s a token brunette every once in a while in the mix, but mostly it’s peroxide city in So Cal.

And I’m already prepared for the same drama as before (who cheated on whom, who’s hooking up with whom, etc.), but what I’m most interested in is Chrissy’s parents, who apparently watched Laguna Beach and either don’t trust their little princess or, more likely, don’t trust the players/boys on the show. It will be interesting to see some parents that actually parent on the show.

I almost hate to admit I watch this show. But I will, because you know what? I KNOW I’m not alone. And I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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