Big Love: Et Tu, Alby?

Is it just me or is Alby killing Roman? Considering Alby’s a power-hungry phony, and the camera was focused in quite a foreboding way on Roman’s medicine drip for quite a while, I’m going to say it’s true. While Alby’s killing his father and taking over the compound, his dear sister Nicki is taking down the entire Henrickson ship which is also to the benefit of Alby’s take-over.

Margie‘s just about the only one on Big Love right now who’s happy. She had to pretend to be Bill‘s mistress after he had to blow her off as his wife when old friends showed up at Bar Owner’s trade convention, but she finally got what she wanted: to be his wife in public. In the same moment Margie’s public dreams came true, Barb‘s public life came crashing down. She was clearly humiliated by Bill introducing Margie as his other wife, which just might have pushed her off the deep end. If she can’t handle public recognition of her polygamist life, she’s going to see that she really doesn’t accept it in her private life as much as she thinks she does.

Now we’ll continue to wait to see if Barb is pushed too far and takes off, what Bill will do when he discovers Nicki’s blown their secret of a new family business to the most dangerous man of all – her own brother, and if Alby’s really as evil as he seems.

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