Top Chef: Chefs Think Night Clubs are for Fun

topchef_ep307_13.jpg The poor Top Chefers… in this last episode, they actually believed the judges were going to let them go out to the Miami nightclubs and have a good time. What a shocker (some of them were actually surprised), when their limo rolled up to the night club, and there was Padma. And two catering trucks set up for a late night cooking challenge.

The Top Chef ladies were particularly upset because of their low cut shirts and heels they had to run around in and cook in which made them feel plenty unprofessional and even “demoralized” according to Sara N. Some of the women pulled themselves together and bucked up for the challenge, but Sara never did, which left her in the dust during the challenge. She got her team’s food service far behind and then got herself eliminated for her lagging service and badly seasoned burgers.

Dale, on the other hand, got a nice little treat for winning the Cold Stone Creamery quick fire challenge earlier in the episode. Unlike Season 2’s ice cream challenge in which the contestants had to actually make the ice cream, these guys only had to make a creative and delicious topping for some pre-made Cold Stone ice cream. But Dale’s “cobbler concoction” certainly did look extremely tasty, so he certainly deserved his win as well as his very sweet prize of getting out of the night club challenge to have a private dinner with guest judge, Gorvind Armstong.

The winner of the elimination challenge was Tre, which put a huge smile on his face. Tre may be the typical contestant pegged as one to watch because he won in the first episode, but I think he really is one of the main contestants to keep an eye on. He hasn’t done anything to massively screw up yet, and he’s had a number of wins already that were pretty clear he’d outdone his competition. I still would count on the other contestants to be stiff competition, but I’m hoping Tre makes it to the finals!

Watch the latest episode now at: SideReel: Top Chef!

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Photo courtesy of BravoTV


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