Dinner with Top Chef’s Mikey

dscf0592.jpg Top Chef fans have probably been checking up on their favorite chefs, but if you haven’t caught up with Season 2’s Mikey, he has plenty on his plate these days including his own catering business. I got to check it out for myself this weekend for a surprise birthday dinner for a huge Top Chef fan who was of course thrilled to see Mike show up at our door!

Knowing we were big fans, Mike came with not only a delicious dinner in hand (well actually in coolers), but also his Top Chef jacket and signature green hat. It was just like stepping into Top Chef’s kitchen plus the bonus of actually getting to eat the food!

I picked out the menu from a selection Mike suggested after hearing what kind of dinner I was looking for complete with appetizer, salad, main dish, and dessert. And every bite was more tasty than I could have imagined any of it would be, which was quite a high order considering I splurged for fillet Mignon with lobster mash potato’s asparagus and mushrooms for the special occasion. I’m drooling just thinking about it!

Mikey’s based out of his current hometown, Stockton, CA, but as his website states, he’s up for catering “near and far,” which I know at least stretches to San Francisco, so if you’re in the area or inbetween Stockton and San Francisco, you’re probably in luck for your own small or large Mikey-catered party! He’s very open to the menu, so he’s up for all sorts of events. If you’re jumping at the chance to meet the hilarious and extremely talented Mikey, check out his catering website: Midgley Catering: Gotta Get Some, and send him an e-mail for specifics on where he’s able to travel, his menus, and prices.

As anyone who’s met Mike will agree, he’s as down to earth, hilarious, extremely friendly, and full of stories as you would imagine from seeing him on Top Chef. Check out what Mike’s up to and get a taste for yourself for a romantic dinner, a small dinner party, or a small or large party packed with plenty of tasty appetizers or whatever you want!


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