Big is Back for More Sex and the City

noth.jpgAfter the confirmation that all four Sex and the City ladies were on board for the upcoming film, the first question that came to mind (besides will the movie be horrible and ruin all that was amazing about the series) is which of the leading ladies’ men will make a reappearance as well? And so far the answer is Big!

Chris Noth as Mr. Big, that is – who was the biggest question of all since the most leading of the leading ladies finally got together with her on-again-off-again Big man (Serpe). Now the question is just what will happen for these two?

It was made pretty clear in the Sex and the City series finale that Carrie and Big getting together meant they were ending up together, but with much previous talk between them about neither of them being the marrying kind (and then Big getting married far too soon after he and Carrie broke up). So, one of the greatest parts of the series was that though the ladies all found their loves they were happy to “end up with,” this didn’t mean they were all suddenly married and ready to start families. They all found happiness in their own lives as far as work, of course their dearest friends, and even relationships. Now, with this film, will the theme still revolve around their relationships since they’re all happy now?

With at least Chris Noth returning for his Big role, we can be assured the movie won’t just be a girls vacation or something of the sort where we get to catch up with the ladies, but as they take some wild and wacky trip without their men. Hopefully we’ll see them in their ever-so-natural setting of New York in their normal lives so we can see what those normal lives have become after the very satisfying conclusion of the series back in 2004.

Noth will still be appearing on Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Serpe), but he’s been allowed time for appearing in the film, so hopefully his double duty inspires the other leading men that they have time to jump on board as well!


Serpe, Gina. E! News. “Mr. Big Back for More Sex.” 10 Aug 2007.

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