Big Love: On Edge

biglove6.jpg Margie‘s realizing she does have power in the family, Nicki‘s realizing how fun gambling is, and Barb is realizing her family is changing against her will. The wives of Big Love are certainly more than just mothers and wives who share a husband: they are women struggling with their place in the world and with their own demons as well.

This includes Margie’s previous dating life as Ben discovers when a guy he works with runs into Margie and tells Ben things he doesn’t want to hear. Not to mention that Nicki has some steam to burn off that apparently didn’t quite get taken care of when she smashed a gift refrigerator for her mother with a truck. And Barb, well, she’s seeing her kids grow up and get into relationships that make her see that the values and life she’s created for them isn’t quite the influence she’d wanted for them.

It’s interesting to see Barb waver more and more about her family and her choice to become a polygamist. In Season 1, it was just an accepted fact that Bill and Barb had decided together, with a push from Barb even, that polygamy was the way to go for their family after Barb had gotten sick. It came out a little bit that Barb struggled with going from having Bill to herself to sharing him with two other wives, but overall, she seemed happy with their family.

This season, though, there has been something almost every episode that shows Barb see more into what she’s gotten herself into as far as being like the compound, as much as they try to be different, she sees the decisions and choices her children are making either leaning away from or towards polygamy, and she sees the way her family is forming despite her opinions.

I don’t see Barb picking up and leaving her family, though she did take a brief leave at the beginning of the season, but I think she is actually regretting (though she may not quite admit it) that she chose a polygamist life. Now we’ll just have to see if something blows up before the end of the season to make her not be able to take it anymore or if she’ll have a realization that she needs to accept and be happy with the life she’s chosen.

With everything else going on, I can only imagine that tensions will continue to rise!

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