Hell’s Kitchen: It’s On!

This week’s filler episode of Hell’s Kitchen had a good amount of drama, but mostly just more agonizing waiting for Rock and Bonnie, and most importantly, their fans!

The chefs got to set up their own style of restaurant after Ramsay split Hell’s Kitchen in two parts for them, but instead of getting to stick around for all that, they were taken off to Vegas for, surprise, surprise, another challenge. The highlight of this was getting to see all the top chefs of Vegas, including the two previous winners of Hell’s Kitchen, test Rock and Bonnie’s signature dishes that they were put on the spot to whip up.

Bonnie tried to use her charm on a couple of chefs to win their votes and Rock wasn’t totally innocent either. I can’t blame them though when they could get to actually work with and near some of these chefs – I’d try to wow them in any way I could too!

While Bonnie’s attempts to charm and some of her ways in the kitchen can get a little annoying, this episode changed my mind that had originally been set on Bonnie or Julia as winners, then convinced that Rock would win, back to believing that Bonnie actually has a really great chance at the win.

With Julia‘s elimination because of her lack of experience and need to get some culinary training, it seemed as if Bonnie, who’s in the same boat, shouldn’t and couldn’t win. Now seeing Bonnie and Rock compete one on one, especially in this taste-off in Vegas, I think Bonnie really does have enough raw talent and a great enough palate, as well as plenty of spunk, to pull of running her own restaurant. Still as a Julia fan, I don’t think it’s totally fair that Bonnie made it to the finals and Julia didn’t, but clearly there’s something in Bonnie that Ramsay sees as qualified for the job.

So maybe Bonnie’s right that Rock realizes too late she’s serious competition and she’ll win, or maybe Rock’s experience will win over after all! They’ve really left us hanging with a great set up for the Hell’s Kitchen finale – next week Monday 8/13 at 9/8c!

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