Look Out McSteamy, ABC’s New Bachelor Is Here!

200px-ericdanemcsteamy.jpg That’s right, ladies, ABC’s new Bachelor is here! For all those single ladies who are tired of going out to bars and getting nowhere with the same old bar guys, here’s something new for you: a guy who owns four bars! How refreshing. At least he co-owns them instead of just being the idiot getting kicked out of them.

And it’s been claimed that he’s super hot… and we’re not talking after a couple beers he’s hot, we’re talking Grey’s Anatomy McSteamy hot (as you can see is pretty serious in this photo of Grey’s character McSteamy/Mark Sloan). Apparently, Brad’s been dubbed as “‘The Bachelor’s own McSteamy'” (Mitovich).

If this is true, I don’t know how ABC will be able to have two McSteamys and a McDreamy (not to mention McVet if he reappears) all on the same network. All that hotness has got to be illegal in at least a couple of states. The Bachelor’s “Mc” man isn’t any sort of doctor who’s sleeping around though. He co-owns businesses with his brothers (how sweet), he’s 34 and ready to settle down, and he’s hot. Okay, maybe he’s sounding pretty good.

So where’s this guy been hiding? Our bachelor, Brad Womack, lives in Austin, Texas and he grew up in Livingston, Texas after spending his first 12 years in Atlanta where he was born. After giving college, well, the old college try, he left to be a working man in the oil fields in Texas, North Dakota, Louisiana, and California. His business partners and brothers are both married living in Austin as well (Zap2It). Hopefully the ladies on this season’s The Bachelor are up for living in Texas with plenty of family time! Considering last season’s bachelor convinced his lovely lady to move to Hawaii with him, maybe Brad will be as lucky as Andy.

The new season of The Bachelor premieres Monday, September 24, at 9:30/8:30c with a 90-minute episode.


Zap2It: “ABC Finds New ‘Bachelor’ Deep in the Heart of Texas.” 8 Aug 2007.

Mitovich, Matt Webb. TVGuide News: “ABC’s New Bachelor Raises the, Um, Bar.” 8 Aug 2007.

Photo courtesy of Answers.com


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