Top Chef: Out with a bang or a whimper?

It seems as if the Top Chef producers are struggling with deciding if Hung is the kind of annoying and cocky like Marcel (Season 2) that’s totally entertaining, or if Hung’s just cocky and annoying. It seems like the judges are no longer impressed with him, but yet there were plenty of judges table moments where they discussed Marcel’s annoying foam with EVERY dish and his just plain cockiness that didn’t have enough skill behind it to validate it at all… but then he ended up in the final two.

So I guess we’ll continue to watch Hung take his wins with a nod of expectancy and his losses with a quivering lip, sweaty forehead, and about 20 fingers of blame pointed where ever he can find.

Hung was particularly annoying this week since his partner Joey, with whom Hung shared a failing dish with, was eliminated. I had just begun to love Joey when he and Howie became BFF’s after their manly fight, and now he left with his professionalism and dignity intact… until he broke down crying in his exit interview.

I’d make fun a little, but Joey proved to be a great chef, a lovable guy, and obviously just a guy really sad to see his dreams of furthering his cooking career (at least through this show) be nipped in the bud.

I can only hope his buddy Howie doesn’t get too crazy and yell at too many more contestants to make him lose his chance over his temper and “bulldog” stubbornness.

Watch Joey’s exit interview now:
Joey’s Sorry to Go (Pt. 1)
Joey’s Sorry to Go (Pt. 2)
Joey’s Sorry to Go (Pt. 3)

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