Hell’s Kitchen: I want my mommy!

Just like all quality reality shows including Survivor, The Bachelor, and, oh yeah, Flavor of Love and I Love New York, we got a great episode of crying adults on Hell’s Kitchen as the three finalists’ moms came to cheer them on. Well, in this case, it was actually to judge them. Before we met Jen, Bonnie, and Rock‘s moms, we met Mother Ramsay herself. Chef Ramsay still didn’t smile much, but got a sweet boyish look on his face as he introduced the most influential cook in his life, “aww,” indeed.

While Chef Ramsay’s mother got to present the chefs’ challenge, the chefs’ own mothers came in to taste each dish once and then had to announce a winner, obviously without a clue as to which was her own kid’s dish. Jen won and was thrilled beyond belief to get to go out to lunch with her mom plus Ramsay and her mother. She seemed particularly suited for this occasion since she so affectionately calls Ramsay “Gordon” while the other chefs stick with Chef Ramsay… perhaps it makes him less scary to her, or maybe it’s just her love for him… I thought Bonnie was supposed to be the one willing to flirt to get what she wanted.

Either way, Jen may have had her high at the beginning of the episode, but she, just like Julia, hit rock bottom at the end despite her win earlier. She didn’t even do a bad job with the service that night, and she obviously has more skill than Bonnie, so there just must have been a little something missing in her that Ramsay was looking for.

Though I’ve been all about the underdogs throughout this season, I was shocked to see Jen be axed over Bonnie. Bonnie’s great, but if Julia was cut because she needed to go beef up her skills in culinary school, why on earth doesn’t Bonnie need to do the same thing? It looks like Julia may be feeling the same way in the finale as she was shown very upset in the preview… but as usual, you never know what those little teaser clips are really about!

Now, with it down to the personal chef/nanny vs. the executive chef, it’ll be totally riveting to see who Ramsay chooses to run his/her own restaurant… personally I’m a little concerned about either of them running a kitchen on their own with Bonnie’s inexperience and flustered ways and Rock’s temper, but I considering my lack of cooking skills, I’ll leave the judging to Chef Ramsay!

Check out the finale of Hell’s Kitchen next Monday (8/6) at 9/8c!

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2 Responses to “Hell’s Kitchen: I want my mommy!”

  1. 1 giftfairy August 5, 2007 at 4:15 pm

    I agree completely. I really hoped this season would give us two great finalists to cheer on, but the biggest challenge now is deciding who I want to win.

    Who do you think the winner is going to be?

  2. 2 Kendra August 6, 2007 at 9:36 am

    That’s a tough one! I would have been thrilled at first to see Bonnie as the winner, but Julia grew on me so much that I think it’d almost be unfair for an inexperienced person to win after Julia was eliminated for that reason.

    So, unless Rock really screws up, my bets will be on him!

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